Artist Listing

The selected textile artists are:

Helen Beaven (New Zealand)
Jenny Bowker (Australia)
June Buxton (Australia)
Eileen Campbell (Australia)
Dijanne Cevaal (Australia)
Sandra Champion (Australia)
Helen Conway (United Kingdom)
Sandy Corry (Australia)
Debra DeLorenzo (New Zealand)
Sue Dennis (Australia)
Christine Dowell (Australia)
Sue Duffy (Australia)
Dianne Firth (Australia)
Mel Forrest (Australia)
Valerie Giles (Australia)
Helen Godden (Australia)
Suzanne Gummow (Australia)
Julie Haddrick (Australia)
Kay Haerland (Australia)
Monica Johnstone (USA)
Anne Jolly (New Zealand)
Stephanie Knudsen (Australia)
Cat Larrea (USA)
Alison Laurence (New Zealand)
Caroline Mason (New Zealand)
Catherine McDonald (New Zealand)
Mary McArdle (Australia)
Jan Rowe (Australia)
Lisa Walton (Australia)
Sally Westcott (Australia)

Visit their blogs and websites to see more of their work and learn more about their creative practice.

Brenda Gael Smith is curator of this exhibition.  For further information or exhibition queries, please contact